4091 Gin Cabinet & Trolly, 2015

P. Loopuyt & Co Distillers


4091 Gin Cabinet

The gin cabinet is a minibar to use at promotion events and refers to the time Loopuyt went bankrupt during the depression that started in 1929. This sparked a DIY culture throughout the western countries which is incorporated in the cabinet. The laser cut minibar has leather bands for hinges and finger joints hold it together instead of nails. The cabinet can be unlocked by placing a symbol shape inside, rather than by using a key.

3344 Gin Trolley

Dutch gin distilling company Loopuyt commissioned our studio to design a promotion device for their events. The trolley Studio Makkink & Bey made is a mobile cabinet that refers to the time of the prohibition, in which a secretive culture of drinking alcohol came about. A speakeasy, or blind tiger, was an illegal drinking establishment. Everything needed for a drinking event had to be hidden or disguised as something else. Inside the cap of the bottle there's a token hidden and instead of ice cubes an ice sculpture with ice pick is made to disguise the cubes as art. The trolley is made of oak wood and walnut and a water resistant corian top on which Loopuyt makes their own tonic.