3427 Verbouwen in Dialoog / Renovation in Dialogue , 2020

Verbouwen in Dialoog - Schilderdag
: Verbouwen in Dialoog

an alternative renovation method for Cordaan's Kastanjehof in Amsterdam

"It is much easier to talk with each other when you are doing something together."

An acrobat draws strokes of paint gracefully on the wall in a handstand. Next to her, a painter is starting his work in blue. A poet creates a connection between in- and outside with a text on the windows. Michou-Nanon de Bruijn, senior designer of studio Makkink & Bey, teamed up with Ester van de Wiel to design an alternative renovation method for Cordaan. 

Cordaan's small residential care center de Kastanjehof for elderly people needed a refurbishment. The team designed programmatic and spatial interventions in close collaboration with Cordaan, residents and local stakeholders. By deploying the activities as a neighbourhood event, an informal care network of residents, associations and local entrepreneurs was built.

By linking the refurbishment to 8 meeting days with cultural activities, an interactive spectacle was created that softens the boundaries between groups and contributes to a gradual line of care. Watch the videos made in the Kastanjehof on some of the meeting days.

This approach builds on an earlier study for the Bartholomeus Gasthuis in Utrecht, where the boundaries of intramural and extramural care were investigated by means of spatial adjustments and programming.

Commissioned by Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie en Cordaan. 

In cooperation with
employees and residents of Kastanjehof
Heleen Schalkwijk (film)
Tilja van der Haag(location manager)
Ineke (activity coach)
Matthias de Vries (De Buren)
Anneke Harring (develop manager Housing Cordaan)
Jarno van Es (piano)
Erik Lindner (poet)
Raoul Pans (lights)
Melody Nolan (acrobat)
botanical garden Tuin Zuidas
embroiderers of Textielwerkplaats de Draad
Houtwerkplaats Noord
illustrators of Grafisch Atelier Noord
Lowie Kopie
SWF (painters)
Hans (chef)
Henk (caretaker)
Thereca Projectinrichting (upholstery & furniture)
Studio Sybrandy
van t Hull (glass)
Karin and Sadar (reception)
Jasper van der Made (furniture workshop)
Davida Rauch
Carla (activities)
Veld & Vaas
Dappermarkt (market stands)
fitness instructor Kastanjehof
Stadsdeel Oost
Stichting Tien Yan Nederland