3320 How May I Help You? , 2018

How may I help you?
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Publication series

In order for new dialogues, collaborations and commissions to occur Studio Makkink&Bey instigates and developes an ongoing series of publications using the new web tool www.howmayihelpyou.nl

The first five issues include a new essay by designer Erez Nevi Pana on what it means to design in a vegan way, a plea for designers and artists to find room to manoeuvre in reality and make use of informal possibilities by researcher Sophie Krier, a text on how interior objects and artefacts transmit ideologies by designers Gabriel A. Maher & Isabel Mager, a song on being a temporary resident by artist Klaske Oenema, an essay by museum director Guus Beumer on some of the transitions Dutch Design has gone trough since its establishment in the early 1990s and a fictional call for applications at Hieronymus Bosch' Studio by producer Jeannette Petrik.

The publication series How May I Help You? project frames the knowledge, people, things and places encountered by the Dutch design collective during fifteen years of artistic services and beyond for the public. In addition to the edited publications, the web tool welcomes users to compile their own personalised publications by making selections using a logbook function.

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Jurgen Bey, Rianne Makkink

Jules van den Langenberg

Daan Veerman

Website & graphic design:
atelier Arthur Haegeman & We became aware (Tomas Lootens & Valentijn Goethals)

Publication Studio

The project is made possible by the financial support of the Mondriaan Fund.