3426 WaterSchool Istanbul, 2018

WaterSchool Istanbul
: Kayhan Kaygusuz

at the 4th Design Biennial

The WaterSchool, a self-initiated project of Studio Makkink & Bey, was invited to be present at the 4th Design Biennial in Istanbul. WaterSchool is a speculative primary school designed and organized around water as an essential material and subject. The WaterSchool proposes a rethinking of the economic and infrastructural model of education: this school could produce everything it needs to function onsite through small-scale industrial collaborations, and also sell its surplus to the public.


The installation includes an introductory film in which the director of the WaterSchool narrates a day in the life of the school. Six members of the school give further insight in short podcasts into how the WaterSchool would function. The exhibition also shows how artists and designers can be integrated into the curriculum and design of the school.