3465 GLASS-works Matter, 2021

GLASS-works Matter
: image by Cassander Eeftinck Schattenkerk

Circulair Warenhuis

Studio Makkink & Bey was invited by Circulair Warenhuis to develop a prototype product that uses the residual flows of the circular department store. The studio designed the GLASS-works Matter series, a set of drinking glasses with a total volume of 70 liters, the amount of water in Jurgen Bey’s body. The glasses are collected from the stocks in the shop and engraved with delicate drawings of body organs. Each glass retains its own history and individuality, but at the same time forms a collection that tells the complete story with the other glasses. The engraving is done by the personnel in the workshop, thus learning new skills along the way.

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Jurgen Bey and his team focused on making the work process as pleasant and clear as possible. One of the goals is that employees get satisfaction from their work and can learn new skills. For example, the first option of the process consists of the selection of glasses, for which there are no strict guidelines other than that it must be 70 liters in total. In this way, the different sets of glasses will always be different. The second option focuses on the engraving of the glasses, in various levels, so the employees can learn to engrave better and better. Studio Makkink & Bey also designed an embroidered table cloth, matching the collection and to be sold along with the glass set.

About the project

The large influx of materials at recycling companies is unprecedented. This is no different at recycling company Circulair Warenhuis in Leiden. Every year 3 million kilos are collected. Many of the products are sold in the shop, however a considerable part of the unsaleable items is still disposed of as waste.

Circulair Warenhuis wants to make better use of the potential of these residual flows. That is why they have invited 4 designers to research a specific material from this residual flow in order to subsequently develop a prototype product that uses these unsaleable products and that can be produced in the workshops of the Circulair Warenhuis. The aim is to reduce waste disposal and to add value to the residual flows. At the same time, social employment and awareness around this theme is created.

The Circulair Warenhuis is an initiative of cultural producer buro bordo, graphic designers Raw Color and Popma ter Steege Architects. The four designers in this project are Studio Makkink & Bey, Nienke HoogvlietMax Lipsey en Fraser McPhee.