3424 WAS Social Label, 2019

WAS Social Label
: Rene van der Hulst

During Dutch Design Week 2019 Social Label introduced the new WAS series, designed by Studio Makkink & Bey. WAS is a rack system and a ceramic bucket with a beeswax cloth.

The laundry rack is an expandable model, starting with a basic drying rack, evolving into a rack for plants and books to an extensive set as a temporary table in your living room or your first desk. The ceramic bucket is taken from an old milk bucket and has a leather handle with a brightly colored cord. Optionally, the bucket can be covered with a beeswax cloth in which you can store vegetables or fruit. WAS connects various social workshops (woodworking, ceramics, upholstery and a bee group) in one concept.

Rianne Makkink: "Doing the laundry is part of a daily ritual, but nowadays our clothes disappear in an anonymous dryer. I miss the hanging laundry both inside and out. If you put your sheets over a drying line outside it suddenly becomes a tent. I like it when objects undergo this metamorphoses and are not defined too clearly.”

WAS will be available through the webshop of Social Label.