3478 Gouda Maakt, 2022

Olien & Vetten
: Michou de Bruijn

Gouda 750 Jaar

From 6 April to September 2022, the exhibition 'Expo Gouda Makes' offers an inspiring platform for stories, conversations and connections between young and old about the ever-changing work in Gouda. The exhibition is designed by Studio Makkink & Bey.

The exhibition is a gift of the volunteers of GOUDasfalt to the residents of Gouda for the celebration of 750 years of Gouda. Expo Gouda Makes brings visitors along various branches of the Gouda industry, past, present and later. Six important Gouda industry groups are highlighted: Oils & Fats, Ceramics, Textiles & Yarns, Transport, Foodstuffs and Construction & Machinery. The exhibition can be seen in the Viruly Soap Factory on the Croda site, the former candle factory.

Gouda Expo website