3425 Waterlab NAP, 2018

Waterlab NAP

With the opening of the monument ‘Deltawerk //’, designed by RAAAF +Atelier de Lyon, it is celebrated that Waterloopbos is now a Rijksmonument.

Natuurmonumenten organises a ‘Lights on’ walk, a walk through the forest that tells the unique story of the scale models of the Waterloopkundig Laboratorium (water research centre), that has been out of use since 1996. Studio Makkink & Bey, in cooperation with Maaike Engels, was invited to make an installation and movie to tell the story of the WaterLaboratorium.

Next to the (former)visitors centre, the studio designed an installation with aluminium boats on various levels of the North East Polder, the maximum level underwater is -4,5 meter. The movie shows an overview of the start of the NorthEastPolder and the research and projects of the Waterloopkundig Laboratorium that took place here.