3227 Daily Hanky Design Miami/Basel, 2010

Droog Design

Special edition of embroidered daily hankies for Droog Design's presentation at Design Miami/Basel

Every month about 500 companies in the Netherlands go bankrupt. What happens to their products in stock? Droog Design collected all sorts of objects from liquidation auctions such as handkerchiefs. Studio Makkink & Bey were one of the designers to re-interpret the redundant materials and revive their existence. The result is a series of a 1000 embroidered handkerchief showing newspaper clippings from 30 days in a row. The daily news is preserved on the daily hanky, extending the news value while its newness slowly fades. The article gradually detaches itself from the serious present headlines and starts to become a decoration, an anecdote for amusement. Hard and grim events are made softer, easier to swallow maybe. On the other hand, some events are noteworthy, but they disappear in the short-lived public existence of news. Yesterday's news is saved in our pockets.