3145 BI meets BS, 2008

Pierre Bergé & Associés

Brazil Influence vs Brazil Style is a project in which Studio Makkink & Bey reinterpreted renowned Brazilian modernist chairs by designers such as Sergio Rodriguez, Jorge Zalszupin, Carlo Hauner and others. Brazilian modernism found its own identity in a mix of European and native influences and locally available materials such as wood, rattan and leather. The availability of local materials and local technical expertise influences the appearance of the furniture in the process of Sergio Rodrigues, along with a modernist idiom. The material's natural properties such as (un)pliability, of frequently used tropical wood and leather, determine their form. This results in simple joinery and sagging leather patches as seats and backrests. For the present-day translation we used, instead of wood that is now protected, noble wood such as ash and American walnut. With new proportions with uneven slats and their loose arrangement in the seat frame, the seats get their own form idiom.