4071 Blue Cabin, 2010

: Peter Cox

The blue Cabin is entirely made of blue Polystyrene foam, a light weight building material often used by architects and designers to make models and a material that Studio Makkink & Bey frequently use as a starting point for concepts. These models act as a blueprint for a possible scenario which is versatile, mobile and endless. The use of blue foam material signifies the ability to create solutions that are flexible and have the ability to adapt to new requirements in a changing environment and is a key component in Studio Makkink & Bey’s work. The cabin also references a past physical space and time; when the studio gathered in an actual construction workers’ trailer to have lunch and discuss projects. At that time, they were located in a large, impersonal industrial building. This warehouse, with its vast measurements, generated the need to create a workspace on a more human scale. The construction trailer created a more intimate and familiar space for the studio to work within.