3110 Model World, 2007

Designprijs Rotterdam

What does a studio look like where you can keep on studying without having to conform to the constraints imposed by industrial production? The model is particularly important as a tool to pursue ideas beyond the world that doesn't yet exist, but also to show examples of situations that should exist. We know how reality works, but a model world allows you to keep a product close to the world of thoughts - the idea. The object stays in the stage where everything is still possible, this is the closest you can get to reality; it remains ambiguous. The model desk is a proposal for an isolated research environment to study and advocate model wolds at the same time. Not understanding evokes more questions.  This state of unawareness is the incentive for finding new ways to interpret our environment. The studio's blue foam products envelope the concept of lightness, both in terms of of reducing the weight of materials and cutting down on the need of transportation. The model world exists, but remains unfinished to extend possibilities into endless series of potential products.