3088 Prooff, 2006

Interieurgroep SV / Rotterdam

The Earchairs from Studio Makkink & Bey reveal their possibilities immediately: They are comfortable, have small tables integrated into the armrests and are eminently suitable for defining smaller and larger areas. With the Earchair you create a room in the space available, both visually and acoustically. Variations in upholstery and colour provide moreover the possibility of giving each ‘room’ its own character. Jurgen Bey designed the Earchair in 2002 for the reception area of insurer Interpolis in Tilburg. Not only did the design harmonize perfectly with the ambitions of the principal, it also proved capable of freeing itself from its origin. SV Interieurgroep Rotterdam markets the design under the label PROOFF. The chair is the first and future-oriented design of this range of office and project furnishings for modern businesses.