3463 World Expo Dubai, WaterSchool, 2022

: Xiangnan-Wu


The Dutch Pavilion at the World Expo Dubai shows an installation of WaterSchool. The installation is the result of research by Studio Makkink & Bey within the framework of the WaterSchool, a self-initiated design research looking into the possibilities of founding a school revolving around water, expressing this in its architecture, interior and curriculum.

see video here

The installation consists of a frame of a 20 feet shipping container, a volume that is equal to the volume of water an average Dutch citizen consumes directly per year (43.435 liters). One also consumes water indirectly through the water it takes to produce objects and services we interact with on a daily basis, like clothing, transport, growing crops. This is also represented in the installation by showing smaller volumes and objects from selected designers located inside the larger volume, forming a miniature learning environment at the same time.