3264 Foodprint Erasmusveld Utility Associations, 2011

Stroom Den Haag

We are planning to install three pilot installations on the site of Erasmusveld, prior to the new housing. Before an infrastructure of roads, fences and hedges has taken over, we want to draw the outlines for a social structure of utility associations. The installations are test cases to find productive strategies for real estate development. The pilot installations will generate ideas for a different kind of park, and new forms of urban nature. Forms of the installations have been derived from their bigger, industrial counterparts, with their prime functional structures. With companies and nature as allies, the associations are free to pioneer on the property they're holding as temporary tenants. After the tenancy period, the pilot structures can be assigned with a another, permanent function.

The Clean Water Association. Rain water is collected in water tanks with specific treatment systems to purify water. The lightly polluted water is purified with plants and other organisms in a cistern with fish, a cistern with slugs and a cistern with bacteria. We're looking to work with fish farmers to grow fish in a rearing tank and perhaps produce Erasmusfish fingers, or experts on oxygen rich reed beds who can farm enough reeds to build a pavilion… We would like to invite bacteriologists, snack bar owners and water companies to join the Clean Water Association.

The Energy Path Association. A sort of reversed floor heating, that is essentially what the asphalt path in this installation is. It stores warmth inside the pavement that can be suited to benefit households. The heated asphalt attracts insects of all kinds, they pollinate the vegetation in gardens and parks. Our plan includes a bee hive and flowers, anything that an effective energy strip for insects needs. The bees produce honey that is exactly tailored to what local Erasmusveld residents need to improve their immune systems. Eventually, the path can easily be altered into a running track or, when completely redundant, be milled into gravel for a garden path. We're looking to work with bee keepers, civil engineers, pastry chefs and florists who are interested to join the Energy Path Association.

The Compost Association. In The Netherlands, the amount of waste generated per capita is 1,45 kilograms per day. A large part is taken up by kitchen and garden waste that can easily be composted. Waste reduction, heat production and providing a fertile ground to grow e.g. pumpkins makes it a very efficient form of garbage disposal. Our plan is to have chickens of many a feather to flock together on the pumpkin compost pile. These chickens, all Dutch breeds, can extend the list of kitchen waste that is suitable for compost. They peck seeds and slugs from the pile and return them fertilized and ready to sprout. We're looking to work with pumpkin and chicken breeders, poulterers and gardening associations who are interested to join the Compost Association.

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