3284 Project Room Lost In Translation, 2012

: Willem van Doorn

INTERIEUR Kortrijk 2012

The exhibition design 'Lost In Translation' shows industrial materials that become the frame of a house, and self-build becomes the norm. Domesticity is detached from brick and mortar or the value of a mortgage, but now deals with the social relations between members of temporary groups and nomadic aspects of mobility. The projectroom showed one minute films with scenes that display how changed parameters have a strong influence on the way we live.

What if 'on the way' no longer exists, but on the way is a place itself? We'd always be staying somewhere now. We might get lost in translation while living privately in public, our carefully designed infrastructure then would become our living. In this future primitive, how would we dwell, what would we store? We work while blurred landscapes pass by, we sleep at 12000 meters during a flight and the attic has moved into big yellow self-storage boxes along the highway. Home is where the heart is.(JB)