3480 Neighbourhood-Cockpit, 2021

: Michou de Bruijn


Studio Makkink & Bey designed the concept and interior of the program office of Alliance Hand in Hand, an organisation committed to a vital local economy and an attractive living climate on Beijerlandselaan and Groene Hilledijk in Rotterdam.The office is the central point from which the transformation is designed and coordinated and a living room for the neighbourhood at the same time.

The space is designed as a dashboard, where you can see how the neighborhood is doing, where work is being done and how. The interior was designed in new colors and dividing elements, the existing furniture partly transformed. All graphics were designed by the studio as well: graphs depict the current and future situation, a timeline showing the past and future works, an up-to-date map shows where work is currently being done. Magnetic parts make it easy to change the dashboard to the actual situation.