3073 ROC Apeldoorn, 2007

Kunst en Bedrijf, Apeldoorn. I.c.w. Eric Klarenbeek.

R.O.C. Aventus Apeldoorn is a school for secondary Vocational Education and Training in the mid-east of the Netherlands. Studio Makkink & Bey was invited to develop the entrance for both the Technology department and theTourism and Leisure department.

A School is an environment in which students are shaped, it serves as an example to fulfill aspired vocations in the real world, after graduating. School is where a future world is composed. The aim was to create an environment that enables people to start their studies in a space with room for investigation, for trial and error, for study and personal development.

The intend was to leave the spaces as open as possible to give the entrance a spacious and light appearance. The two spaces were assigned with a specific color to create unity and to give the interior a clean fresh start. All that is added later on, will naturally have a different color and will look as an oddity against the monochrome backdrop. The space and additions both remain autonomous opposites. Chaos or litter is immediately spotted, provoking a need to clean. Curtains were chosen as room dividers, to create more intimacy with a softer fencing strategy that solicits sociable behavior amongst users. When you notice that people are trying to concentrate behind the half long curtains, you are more likely to tone down your voice than if this is left invisible. At he same time, the openness of the environment remains intact. Sounds aren't completely shut off, but muffled by the textile. The Tourism area was given a bright light blue color with a graphic layer that advocates care and beauty. The Technology area has a light grey color, a color often used for computers. We chose to give it a graphic layer depicting the language of technology itself. Here's an article about this project.