3271 Interior of a Residence in Turnhout, 2014

Studio Makkink & Bey has completed the design of a home for one of our clients. Bright colors, bespoke furniture and furnishings fit the wonderful art collection well and set the design apart. Bespoke flooring, a fence, cabinets, a kitchen, beds and curtains were made for flexible use and merge in with the rest of the interior. Movable modular kitchen cabinets can be reshuffled and make various combinations possible. On the first floor, the prints on the curtains show a gradient color which matches the ceiling all the way down to the floor. The old marble and wooden floors return as a graphic print of their former self and previous window views are reduced to grainy pixel landscapes on the checkered curtains. The studio designs were part of an eclectic mix of objects by various other designers, among which is the Chewing Gum Wallpaper by a Sandberg Institute graduate.