3372 New interior European Council in Brussels, 2016

Dutch European Presidency 2016

The exchange of ideas is at the heart of politics. The architecture in which this exchange takes place has a powerful impact on the type of conversation. The design of XML and Bey for the European Council building stimulates this exchange of ideas with the design of the presidential chambers. The new design offers multiple seating arrangements combined into a single space. Government leaders can change positions between group settings or bilateral talks, and can choose sides on opposing benches or have a dialogue in a more informal setting.

The space is in build out of 28 interlocking unique furniture pieces representing the EU’s 28 member states, echoing the motto of the European Union united in diversity.

The redesign of the meeting room is part of a larger project of XML and Bey for the Justus Lipsius building of the European Council on the occasion of the Dutch Presidency of the EU. http://www.x-m-l.org/