3129 Brinta House Vijversburg, 2008

Stichting Beeldenpark Vijversburg

Every solution already exists in the world around us. It is a matter of recognition and then to convert it into something useful. This principle was put to practice by the studio in the project Vijversburg VI. Working the land, ploughing and sowing wheat was the first thing we did. The land offers the raw materials for both food as well as for building. We have made a pavilion out of straw, which is a waste product of wheat, stored it in crates and stacked them to build walls and a roof. The result is a new sort of timber framing, also known as German Fachwerk. The pavilion can be used as a temporary residence with a view on the pastures that offer a surprise. In the green grain you can read the word 'Brinta'. The circle is closed: The wheat gives praise to the well-known instant meal that has been the breakfast of generations of children growing up.