3038 Linenchesthouse, 2002

'Eigen huis' magazine

An old and dozy, redundant linen cupboard in a dusty attic, wanted to be a sleeping cabin. Together with forgotten folded sheets, blankets and an old table it morphed into a garden canopy: a Linen-cupboard House'. The installation tells a modern fairy tale about daily objects that have been dismissed as meaningful objects. All parts of the final alliance have kept their former value and connotation, they still point out where they came from. Written off, but morphed into one they gain back a new kind of charm, an accumulation of implied perceptions. In its re-arranged marriage of household objects, it started to tell a story, not knowing how it would end. The linen-cupboard House has found itself a new narrative.

Gardenhouse, Bathstovetable, Birdwatchcabinet and Dustcabinet are a series of products in which collected old pieces of furniture are combined, in search of new products and functions. A project in research of the new order of rubbish, a new perspective for the normal.