4030 Dust Furniture, 2004

Small things can become large in a different perspective. Far fetched connections between seemingly unrelated things can lead to an endlessly rich archive of new ideas and possibilities. While mulling over the function of dust, an idea sprung to mind.
The grey, arbitrary particles of unknown matter that make up dust, equalize everything underneath it. Valuable objects disappear under the same layer as shoddy things. No more differences, whether you're a bin or a money safe, you merge with the rest of the items.
What a container contains, says a lot about our relationship with its' contents. Garbage bin or safe? The first is open to receive anything from anyone, for a clean environment. The other one is completely closed off. In a reversed world, waste is tucked away in a safe, so it can never return to where it came from. Slowly everything we don't need disappears for ever. This world has an open access safe, allowing anyone to take what they need. Maybe dust or waste will become valuable, making a country such as India wealthier than any Western country.
This narrative was the start of a series of collages to turn our thought experiments into objects. If dust is considered valuable, a vacuum cleaner as dust collector, is a sort of gold digger. Turning dust into something of value, something of substance, led to furniture made of vacuum cleaner bags. The collection of dust is finally responsible for the functionality of the chairs, stools and carpet to make them matter.
When assembled in a vacuum cleaner, it can become something massive.