3517 NF WALKS: WETLANDS, Rotterdam, 2023

image Hosein Danesh

Invited by Neo-Futuristic walks creators Aušra Česnauskytė and Goda Verikaite, designer Michou Nanon de Bruijn collaborated in creating this

Wetlands - Rotterdam,

The Ground excavator, The Mountain builder, his Overgrow Engineer, and The tireless Energy Agent


Together with these 4 characters, we outline possible futures while passing the past and present. We will promenade towards and through ‘Het Hoge Bergse Bos’ where we go underwater while passing sagging soil to finally climb on the remnants of the past city centre to witness the natural man-made decor.

Neo-futuristic Walks is a series of “walkable” city inspections that shape a community of neo-futurists to collectively re-imagine new ways of urban coexistence. Through the act of walking, neo-futurists explore the primal bodily experience’s role in unfolding new relationships in and with urban environments. They employ context-sensitive speculative scenarios to live in constant preparations for the inescapable urban futures. Neo-futurists see the cities as huge lively ecosystems where every individual’s well-being is interdependent.