3366 POP-UP Spring Place Cafeteria NY, 2015

Andree Cooke

Since their House of Parts project in 2009, Makkink & Bey have explored cutout solutions, which develop, into furniture pieces. The concept is to produce drawings with an industrial CC process that can be made locally and customized to suit different functions, hence creating flat-pack pieces, which eliminate the need for crating and shipping across countries. For Spring Place cafeteria the approach was to develop a series of tables that can be placed as a total unit, with a design motif which, when placed in that constellation is seen as a whole, or to disperse the elements of the table breaking it up into a series of singular components creating a diversity of shapes. These smaller tables direct social interaction in a particular way due to the nature of the shapes and seating arrangements for 3, 4 or 5 people.

This project was creatively directed by Andree Cooke. Andreecooke.com