6005 PROOFFLab Work at Home, 2013

PROOFFLab for Salone Milano 2013

The first of a series of PROOFFLab at Home specials is Work At Home, a mobile work dormer. It's a hybrid of a home and an office in which assembled functions either apply to working or living. Inside, it has a desk, shelving and even a small heater and chimney, and a large window overlooking the vicinity around the house. Each special from the PROOFFLab at Home series departs from a specific function segment of an archetypical house. When you sit high up at your roof desk, you can sway your feet in the bottomless space that stands out from the facade. For a brief moment you might experience a carefree moment. The dimensions of the components of the PROOFFLab at Home series are set within official residential setback requirements and installment is similar to that of a regular dormer. Work At Home is much like a mobile home that you can transport on a trailer with a car, only, its functional purpose isn’t leisure, but work.

Imagine big vacant buildings along the highways equipped with (temporary) extra office prosthesisses. The dormer interior is private, this is the worker’s home, but the vast amount of square meters behind it makes it possible to share office equipment on the indoor office square, or work market.