3211 Poly Barn / Schokbetonschuur Noordoostpolder, 2008

prijsvraag Gemeente Noordoostpolder

Studio Makkink & Bey designed a new type of polder barn together with E19 architecten: the Poly Barn. Farm barns that are made of shock concrete are characteristic of the much designed Noordoostpolder landscape and they are typical examples of Dutch systematic thinking. Nowadays, the dimensions of these 20th century barns no longer suffice, because of upscaling and changes in the farming industry. On top of that, more and more unattractive barns appear. This called for the design of a new polder barn, which would attest to the Noordoostpolder as a monument of the 'makeable world', without denying modern developments in agriculture. The Poly Barn had to be easy to place, suitable for a one-man-farm, be customizable in size and the design should to do justice to the historical, cultural and ecological values ​​of the landscape.

Our answer is a modular barn, built from a new kind of standardized wall module, which is a tile at the same time, that is made ​​of pressed agricultural film and chips from discarded wooden pallets or cubic containers. These materials are always available, even in times of scarcity. The modules are based on the smallest element, so that the size of the barn can be scaled up to use and need. In this way company expansion runs parallel to the economic growth of the company. 

The Poly Barn sets a new standard as prefab-construction in agricultural architecture, fitting to time and the landscape.