3243 Cabin Seat, 2010

: Vincent Kuyvenhoven

Galleria Nilufar Milano

The Cabin Seat is a paneled worklandscape. An enclosed space for one person offering a possibility to retreat and create some privacy. Spacial functions shift from room to product in this open structure, which is a desk and a work space at the same time. The work questions the distinction between object and the notion of space. Wooden boards can be easily slotted into the construction. Flexibility, its' easy deconstruction and reconstruction are shown in the construction which is modular, but also references mobility. The cabin implicates model making and the colorful, evenly cut multiplex boards give the structure its playful traits. The open and versatile structure has the look of a spacial drawing and leaves enough room to interpret the work. The cabin recalls an actual space from the past; when the studio gathered in a construction workers’ trailer to have lunch and discuss projects.