3049 Blob, 2004

Studio Jurgen Bey / for SKOR together with TU Eindhoven / assisted by Christiaan Oppewal & Silvijn

BLOBs are Binary Large Objects which means computer designed shapes of fluent architecture. SKOR (Foundation for Art&Public Space) together with Professor Arno Pronk and students form the faculty of Aviation and Outer space of the TU-Delft developed the Blowing Structure Method. The BSM is a technical method that enables optimum realisation of BLOB-architecture. By this method the final design for a BLOB was formed. The “BLOB” can function as theatre, cinema, research centre and temporary exhibition space. It is a independently functioning vehicle but it can also clip on the university to create extra workspace. All these functions are being expressed in the form of the “BLOB”. It’s even possible to rotate the whole object 45 degrees, so The object can be an observation-post. For more information see www.BLOB.tue.nl and/or www.skor.nl