6006 PROOFFLab Magazine, 2015

Essay The desk users diaries by Jan Pieter

a new magazine for the future working landscape


a new magazine for the future working landscape 

“It’s for human curiosity that we develop. Even more so, we believe that curious people are great learners. Because of their ability to wonder and their openness to the unknown. We know that curiosity hides within everybody, sometimes aware, sometimes waiting to be explored. It is our wish and our purpose to excite or develop yours as much as possible.” 

PROOFF’s manifesto explaining curious. 

PROOFF and PROOFFLab are proud to introduce PROOFFLab magazine, a new professional digital magazine that aims to define the future culture of work. 





PROOFFLab magazine is about sharing 

We intent to share our and others knowledge on the new paradigms of the working landscape, the work area of PROOFF and PROOFFLab. Every month we invite a visionary to share his or her view through an essay in text, sound and/or images. Reacting on the subject of the essay, PROOFFLab will publish referential articles on a daily base, giving the essay a broader reference. The curation of the PROOFFLab Magazine is in hands of Studio Makkink & Bey (NL).