3287 Buurtbios, 2012

: Kevin Smeeing

I.c.w. Brilliante Ideeλn, Vrede van Utrecht and wijkbureau Zuid Utrecht

As a spin-off from Utrecht Manifest in 2012 and follow up of Buurtbios Hoograven by Jolanda van Iersel, Studio Makkink & Bey decided to make a mobile cinema together with Brilliante Ideeën, Vrede van Utrecht and District Office Utrecht South. Buurtbios Rotsoord is organized by local residents and can make a stop at any desired place to project a movie. This allows movies to be programmed so that they connect to a specific event in the neighborhood, a parade or a neighborhood meeting. Big blockbusters become freely accessible to everyone. Also, locally shot films or interactive recordings premiere on the spot where they are most relevant. The neighborhood cinema is thus a means to construct and reinforce social structures, make them visible and establish contact. I.e. contact between local residents, but also with the municipality or it can possibly function as an extension of a music venue nearby. On Friday July 6th 2012, the first film screening was shown on the back of the the Buurtbios truck at the empty Vicona terrain. About a 100 people watched the award winning film The Artist for free. They came with their own chairs, picnic rugs and food, where the free coffee, soda and popcorn was available.