3294 Summer School 2012, 2012

During a Summer School session in August 2012, we made a new kind of production landscape 1:1, with the themes compost, water and energy. Three groups of students from the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture set up utility associations for Clean Water & Energy Path & Compost. These are based on existing industrial utilities such as water, electricity and waste companies.

This idea stems from Utility Associations Erasmusveld, an earlier project that was realized in cooperation with Stroom The Hague. With these utility associations we wanted to propose a shared responsibility for the development of the area and reverse the process of how a district is usually designed. Students were invited to work as pioneers and react on the typical Dutch polder environment of the Noordoostpolder. The students could stay in very unusual mobile accommodations in Kraggenburg such as a kingcab, a caravan, alpenkreuzer and woodsheds that were especially designed to accommodate Noordoostpolder explorers.

The results of the summer school were part of the exhibition Mapping Flevoland on 15 and 16 September 2012.