3309 Living Spaces, 2014

Textile Museum Tilburg

Living Spaces, an exhibition tracing a hundred years of textiles in Dutch interiors, opens in the TextielMuseum on 8 February 2014. A series of conceptual rooms present changing uses of fabrics in the household over periods of 10 to 20 years, with a starring role reserved for the museum’s extensive textile collection. Responsible for the exhibition scenography, Studio Makkink & Bey was closely involved in the concept. The design studio was also commissioned to develop a personal vision of the interior of the future.The exhibition runs until 11 May 2014.

The rooms display interiors from seven distinctive periods: Dutch Art Nouveau, 1930s’ modernism, the post-war period, the alternative 1970s, postmodernism, recent Dutch Design and finally the concept room of the future. The central question throughout is, ‘What role does textile play in the interior?’ The interior of each space is based on the ideal image of a particular design movement or a specific trend, such as the sunken seating area of the 1970s.