3006 Sun-Dial, 1998

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City government of Amersfoort / Station square Amersfoort 52Ί 09’ NB - 5Ί 22’ OL

City government of Amersfoort / Station square Amersfoort 52º 09’ N - 5º 22’ W

A train station is a transfer point: it is basically a collection of different traffic directions, speeds and intervals.The clock on the is a key utility in the making the square of a train station function well.

The sundial is a clock that provides insight into the history of time. The method we use to calculate time now, is derived from the movements of the sun during 24 hours. While facing the sun, the sundial indicates the natural passing of time. The adjustments that were made ​​to ensure the regularity in time indication, is shown through light reports in the tail.

Seen from the square, the sundial uses one day to turn, while the earth stands still. Seen from the universe, the sundial turns around in one year, while the earth completes its circle in one day. Upon sundown, the pointer is directed downward to the ground and points to the sun on the other side of the earth.

In collaboration with Jan Konings.