3173 Silver Sugar Spoon, 2010

Studio Makkink & Bey designed tableware and products in answer to the Habsburg valuables found in the Imperial Silver Collection of Vienna. To start the project, our designers delved into the history of sugar and silver, Imperial conduct and pastry cooking. They found that sugar used to be equally valuable to silver. Many affluent citizens were eager to display their wealth by presenting centerpieces entirely made of sugar and by treating their guests to extravagant desserts. Studio Makkink and Bey has partnered with two highly specialised companies; Sugar Bakery K.U.K. Demel and silversmith company Jarosinski & Vaugoin, both of which used to serve the Habsburg family during their reign. The studio has been a temporary sugar laboratory to test and sketch out objects before casting them in silver. A series of six sugar spoons were transformed into silverware. A tablecloth serves as a chronicle of the sugar history, stories being embroidered or drawn on the textile cloth. A carpet of forty-two square meters lays around the tablecloth and represents the production process of sugar.