3380 Design Diorama, 2016

Design Diorama - Work In Progress
: Petra van der Ree

The Archive As A Utopic Environment

Design Diorama, London Design Biennale 7 September – 27 September 2016

Curator & Exhibition Design: Studio Makkink & Bey Commissioner: Het Nieuwe Instituut

Studio makkink&bey present design diorama: the archive as a Utopic environment, a three-dimensional blueprint of the personal salon of the studio’s founders, rianne makkink and jurgen bey. this contemporary diorama – originally a picture viewing device through which an interior is viewed – is a replica of their archive at home. it consists of a space filled with blue foam copies of objects by former studio employees, freelancers and interns as well as products and artefacts from various other designers, artists and architects. parallel to the temporary physical diorama installation, on display at the london design biennale from 7 to 27 september 2016 in somerset house, a permanent digital index has been developed and can be viewed online

Photography By: Thijs Wolzak