4063 KAdE Chair,

Kunsthal KAdE


The KAdE Chair is a combined quotation to the straightforward rational designs by Gerrit Rietveld and a curvy icon by Charles and Ray Eames and was made for art space Kunsthal KAdE. A strong contrast in color, material and design, between the base and the seat brings attention to these two references. The swiveling seats with small table tops enable the visitor to work at a miniature desk or just politely turn away from someone who’s to close for comfort. A group of four KAdE chairs makes one bigger table. The contrasting design hybrid fits the wish for social engagement and for privacy. It encourages active sitting and invites the user to move around in the chair. As Rietveld used to say in defense of his angular designs: “To sit is a verb”.

for information mail: sales@studiomakkinkbey.nl