3069 Heerhugowaard, 2006

The municipality of Heerhugowaard

Recreation site Heerhugowaard, Luna Park, 2007

Living, recreation and nature are closely interlaced in the modern day urban landscape. The integrated character of the former polder area under Heerhugowaard, showing different heights and contrasts, was intensified with minimal measures.

The current plastic-era will still be found long after it has ended when garden chairs are excavated. We made contemporary fossils by pressing discarded plastic garden furniture into concrete blocks. Forty stones were crafted into chairs. The 'stray' chairs are scattered throughout the landscape, after which nature can overgrow them with moss. Whitewashed bins were decorated with everything that is living in the surrounding landscape. The trees are covered with a protective layer of plastic for visitors to park their bicycle against. Together the trees function as a forest of bike racks.